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D'usse 20 oz Tumbler W/Straw

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D'usse 20 oz Tumbler W/Straw

The D'USSÉ Elite Tumbler is a statement of contemporary elegance, a vessel designed to enhance the enjoyment of D'USSÉ cognac with every sip. Meticulously crafted and visually striking, this tumbler embodies the brand's commitment to refinement and innovation, setting the stage for an unparalleled drinking experience.


Crafted from high-grade crystal, the D'USSÉ Elite Tumbler is a masterpiece of glassware. The clarity of the crystal not only showcases the deep amber tones of D'USSÉ cognac but also imparts a luxurious weight to the tumbler, elevating the tactile experience.

Design Elements:

  1. Sculpted Lines:

    • The tumbler boasts a modern and dynamic silhouette with gently sculpted lines that create a sense of movement. These lines not only serve an aesthetic purpose but also provide a comfortable grip, enhancing the overall user experience.
  2. Matte Gold Accents:

    • To evoke a sense of opulence and exclusivity, the D'USSÉ Elite Tumbler features matte gold accents. A sleek, gold rim elegantly traces the circumference of the tumbler's mouth, while the D'USSÉ logo, also in matte gold, discreetly graces the side.
  3. Angular Base:

    • The base of the tumbler is angular, adding a modern touch to the design. This geometric element not only contributes to the tumbler's stability but also reflects D'USSÉ's commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing contemporary aesthetics.
  4. Signature D'USSÉ Pattern:

    • Adorning the body of the tumbler is a subtle, etched pattern inspired by the distinctive design elements of the D'USSÉ brand. This intricate detailing adds a layer of sophistication and reinforces the connection between the tumbler and the rich heritage of D'USSÉ cognac.


  1. Tulip Shape:

    • The tumbler features a tulip shape, allowing the aromas of D'USSÉ cognac to concentrate and be savored with each sip. This design optimizes the tasting experience, capturing the complexity and nuances of the spirit.
  2. Weighted Base:

    • The tumbler's weighted base provides stability, preventing accidental spills and enhancing the overall sense of quality. The heft of the base contributes to the tactile satisfaction of holding the D'USSÉ Elite Tumbler.
  3. Generous Capacity:

    • With a generous capacity, this tumbler is designed for savoring the rich flavors of D'USSÉ cognac. Whether enjoyed neat or on the rocks, the Elite Tumbler accommodates the discerning preferences of the modern connoisseur.



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